How to Spend Time 
At Music Terrace

01Get excited

In a space surrounded by music, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Exciting experiences and discoveries will stimulate your feelings.


Spot 01

K-Arena Yokohama

The world's largest music arena is a source of new music. Enjoy a music experience like never before in our state-of-the-art facility, with careful attention to sound and lighting.

Spot 02

K-arena shop

You can get original goods that can only be obtained here. You're sure to find a memento that will bring back the excitement of a once-in-a-lifetime live performance.

Spot 03


A beer restaurant where you can enjoy meals mainly consisting of beer and grilled food, and be surrounded by music. Have a great time with your friends and colleagues.

02Chilling time

Spend your time at your own pace while gazing at the sea of Yokohama.
You can have a calm and pleasant time here.


Spot 01

Big Steps/Wall Art

Big Steps offers a panoramic view of Yokohama, and the area decorated with wall art is a recommended walking course where you can enjoy a peaceful time.

Spot 02

Allday Dining Parade

A space inspired by Western gardens, incorporating the softness of green throughout. Enjoy a variety of international cuisine.

Spot 03

Kitchen Car

Add an accent to your daily life with the daily kitchen car. A wide variety of dishes are sure to satisfy both your stomach and your mood.

03Treat yourself

Add a little richness to your daily life.
A wonderful encounter and a sweet time will make you feel excited.


Spot 01

Event Space

Food, miscellaneous goods, and art. You are sure to find new encounters at the various marches held in the event space.

Spot 02

Bar & Lounge Melody

A bar and lounge whose symbol is the bottle tower rising in the center. From colorful sweets created by our pastry chef to unique cocktails and light snacks during bar time.

Spot 03

Arena Bar 7

A special bar linked to K-Arena Yokohama that only those who find it can visit. Enjoy an unforgettable moment while admiring the night view of Yokohama.

04For special day

Celebrations with family and friends, and anniversaries with loved ones.
Enjoy a day that will leave you feeling and taking pictures with the beautiful scenery in the background.


Spot 01

Hilton Yokohama

Please enjoy a quality time, such as an elegant tea time with a book in hand while looking at the sky and sea, or a cocktail time while watching the red evening sky.

Spot 02

Ocean Milano Seafood & Roast Beef

Savor our chef's specialties, roast beef and fresh seafood platter, paired with a selection of 100 wines.

Spot 03

Bay Tent

Even though the day comes every year, today is the only day. I want it to be a special day like never before. This is a one-of-a-kind event that you won't find anywhere else.